Born and raised in Lodi, California, I am the “butcher’s daughter.”   Living with a strict hard core meat eating carnivore diet as a child then transitioning to a more raw food, yoga way of living, I have discovered the importance of balance and the need to strive for sustainability.

My name is Rochelle and I am the mother of six beautiful children.   My father has owned Lakewood Meats and Sausage for over forty years.  With his desire to semi retire, my husband and I felt the need to keep the business in the family and continue to offer the community the art of traditional butchery. As a team, we have pulled our knowledge and resources together.  Our goal is to act as a nourishing food portal to our community and offer multiple gourmet food options to spice up any meal.  Our recent “Napa Valley tasting room” renovation has allowed us to expand towards a more boutique type retail store offering a broader assortment of goods, with options of organic and grass fed meats, to health conscious customers.

holderpicWe are inviting the community to shop local, support our growth, enjoy our store and embrace the traditions of butchery.  With a wholesome approach towards food, our goal is to remind everyone of a more nourishing time, when food was fresh and families gathered and shared their memories around the dinner table.

With gratitude,


Rochelle and Anthony Holder