Jim Roster is a 2nd generation butcher. He adopted Lakewood Meats and Sausage from his father in 1978 and has trained multiple apprentices. Jim upholds the traditions of old school butchery and has maintained the “mom and pop” flare people desire within a business. He is the mastermind behind all of our house made sausage and will continue to make our sausage into his semi-retirement years. We are blessed to have Jim’s knowledge of meat and butchery skills on our side.



Bruce Albers is also a 2nd generation butcher and started working with Lakewood Meats and Sausage when he was 14 years old. Fortunate to witness all of the different levels of growth within the company, Bruce’s loyalty as an employee does not go unnoticed. His traditional butchery skills and charismatic personality is a proven delight to experience with the customers.




Brett Parks is our newest skilled butcher. He brings culinary and wine experience to the table and we are excited to see Brett’s skills unfold in the months to come.